TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS can help you meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standards, which incorporates the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), to improve safety and protect the health of workers within the chemical industry.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS supports chemical labeling requirements and offers maximum traceability by creating labels to accurately classify chemicals and specify HazCom elements for labeling and safety data sheets. Talk to a ValuTrack GHS Labeling expert today.


  • Hosted label printing for supplier networks. By enabling out-of-network printing, local printing features allow you to force suppliers and/or vendors to print your internally approved labels.
  • Improve brand awareness internally and externally. Customize the color scheme of your user interface and add your company’s logo to the print page. Whether it’s an internal resource or a vendor printing from your TEKLYNX CENTRAL instance, your branding is carried through.
  • Reduce errors and gain quick return on investment. Complete process automation and centralized management streamline your GHS MSDS labeling tasks. The solution’s simplified print interface reduces reprints and saves material costs.
  • Increase accuracy and productivity. A customizable user interface reduces complexity so end users only need to learn the GHS labels they are responsible for printing.
  • Minimize IT administration. A central interface to manage workflow approval rules and user authorizations reduces the amount of time your IT staff spends setting up and maintaining the system.
  • Increase efficiency. The browser-based TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS user interface reduces the complexity for end users throughout the enterprise labeling process.
  • Flexible and scalable. An unparalleled number of configuration options and compatible printers and drivers make this system easy to integrate into your existing process.
  • Industry-standard labeling elements at your fingertips. TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS can pull symbols, signal words, and hazard elements from a centralized database, ensuring that your compliance labels contain essential, approved messages to increase efficiency.


  • A label designer that can easily design a label using information from a text file or database, to include standardized data elements that meet GHS requirements.
  • A label approval module that allows you to approve label designs using electronic signatures, helping you meet industry mandates that require label security and traceability.
  • An automated network printing module that can manage hundreds of printers in multiple locations from a single server, saving you time and money in implementation.
  • Custom reporting options that provide complete document history and activity logs.
  • A browser-based user interface for label selection and true Internet printing from anywhere in the world.
  • A single Command Center that coordinates your enterprise labeling process.