ValuTrack helps solve the challenges of efficient delivery and monitoring of all Doctor’s Orders within a hospital environment.  Our application, MedsTrack™, helps pharmacies prepare, track, secure, distribute and confirm deliveries.


MedsTrack™ can work independently of your Health Care Information Management System, or speak directly to it, delivering order tracking capability from the point of creation to final delivery.  The Pharmacy, and all authorized users, will have full track and trace visibility to the status and whereabouts of all Doctor’s Orders.

MedsTrack™ Benefits:

  • Improves patient safety by eliminating interruptions and distractions
  • Eliminates time consuming missing Doctor’s Orders requests
  • Ensures medication chain-of-custody compliance and secures delivery
  • Provides powerful tools to implement and manage LEAN workflow processes
  • Provides visibility to pharmacy orders stored in intermediate locations such as med rooms
  • Greatly enhances communication and workflow with nursing

MedsTrack™ communicates wirelessly to all designated mobile computer or PC workstation recipients, providing real-time Doctor’s Order status look-up and reporting capabilities anywhere within the hospital environment.   Provided the IT Administrator provides the appropriate rights, users can easily print out reports or export the data into an excel file for further data management and analysis.  The IT Administrator has the ability to customize the look and feel, customizing the data fields to clearly communicate the status of each Order dispensing instance.


MedsTrack™ can be deployed across your hospital environment within just a few hours.  Our expert staff, in conjunction with your IT personnel, can easily install MedsTrack™ in any Hospital Pharmacy environment.  MedsTrack™ can run independently of your Hospital HIM System; that means no messy integration battles for your IT Staff to worry about.

Know WHAT Doctor’s Orders are in process, WHERE they are in the delivery workflow (Waiting Approval, Approved, In Delivery, Delivered) WHEN the request left the pharmacy, WHO was the last person was to handle the request.

All the information your staff needs can easily be accessed via a handheld mobile device or PC workstation.


The benefits of real-time access to patient Doctor’s Orders requests, extends beyond delivering superior patient care.  The enhanced visibility saves Hospitals money in the reduction of expired and lost inventory costs, reduces waste and re-work orders, enhanced pharmacy productivity, eliminates manual logbooks and human errors and allows for better auditing practices.

MedsTrack™ delivers the robust tracking, reporting and audit trails you require without the high price and management complexity.

Call a ValuTrack representative today to schedule a free MedsTrack™ demo and see why MedsTrack™ is the smart choice.


  • Delivers the visibility needed between the Order and the flow between the Carousel, Picking Robot, Pneumatic Tubes, Couriers, Nurses, Storage Units and the Patient’s Nurse
  • Addresses late, missing or divergent doses
  • Improves hospital pharmacist’s productivity
  • Provides the Who, What, Where and When on every order
  • Eliminates manual logbooks and the chance of error
  • Enhances patient care
  • Allows the ability to queue and prioritize orders
  • Tracks time sensitive orders
  • Reduces expired and lost inventory costs
  • Reduces waste and re-work of orders
  • Provides superior audit trails
  • Enhances workflow efficiency
  • Addresses compliance mandates