ValuTrack is partnering up with Visix to bring you the latest and greatest digital signage software solution. With Visix, you can manage all of your visual communication devices from the tips of your fingers. Visix is a powerful application that gives you the ability to manage content from a single centralized application to ensure no one misses an important message, no matter where they are. Visix digital signage offers a unified visual communication solution for every facet of your business with a three-pronged approach to engagement.


Digital Signage:

Amplify your communication to reach employees, students, and visitors wherever they are with consistent messaging across digital signs, touchscreens, video walls, and room signs on-site, and send playlists to webpages, intranets, desktops, and mobiles. The digital signage software allows you to manage content from a single centralized application to ensure no one misses an important message, no matter where they are.


Content Design:

Craft visual communications to capture attention, increase engagement, and reach more people using friendly workflows and elegant design tools for content customized to your audience, whenever and wherever they are. You can communicate with multiple audiences both onsite and off, so you need a digital signage system that’s easy, accessible, and scalable enough to connect people and ideas across your entire organization.


Room Management:

Send content to screens across the entire system, or to specific screens at locations you choose. You can easily publish info from your own databases and scheduling applications, and choose from a wide variety of live, auto-updating feeds to keep your audience informed and engaged. We offer digital signage solutions, interactive and e-paper room signs, custom wayfinding, and applications for targeted messaging to desktops and smartphones – all paired with multi-tier service and support options. The content management system gives you a vast array of content sources, smart playlists, flexible scheduling, and multi-user licenses to attract viewers, connect people and drive results. Deliver 100+ media types like messages, countdowns, videos, alerts, real-time data, and event schedules.



Our platform is flexible enough to fit every budget and industry, whether you want easy day-to-day communications using simple slides or deep data dives with customized data integration and visualizations on screens. Ask us about how Visix digital signage can be scaled to meet the requirements of your business.


ValuTrack offers a full line of Visix digital signage software solutions that can help your business operate more efficiently. Let us help you figure out which solution best suits your needs. For more information contact a ValuTrack specialist at 877-484-8187 or We ask. We listen. We solve.