TEKLYNX CENTRAL combines the proven technology of TEKLYNX barcode design, printing, and label tracking and approval software into a single solution that supports your entire labeling environment. TEKLYNX CENTRAL is a single integrated label software system designed specifically to help you meet industry specifications. Contact a ValuTrack Labeling Specialist to request a demo of TEKLYNX CENTRAL Enterprise Barcode Labeling System.


  • A label designer that can pull information from your existing inventory management systems.
  • A label approval module that offers up to three tiers of authorization.
  • An automated network printing module that can manage hundreds of printers in multiple locations from a single server.
  • Custom reporting options that provide complete document history and activity logs.
  • A browser-based user interface for label selection and printing


Labeling complexity is not what drives businesses to select TEKLYNX enterprise software solutions. Instead, it is their labeling process complexity that triggers this decision. TEKLYNX solutions give organizations with complex labeling requirements the ability to improve efficiency through three major features:

  • Print automation. These solutions enable printing out of an ERP, WMS or other business system, including custom applications. Print automation eliminates the need for manual data entry which reduces errors, and simplifies the printing process by eliminating many steps in the process. Printing can be triggered by a system event or a scanned barcode, without any user interaction whatsoever.
  • Label management. TEKLYNX solutions create a centralized repository for label templates, which streamlines the selection process and reduces the risk of duplicates. Automated approval workflows ensure label accuracy, and track and trace features keep a historic log of all activities in a label’s life cycle. This information supports an audit process which is essential for regulatory compliance in some industries.
  • Browser-based printing. A web-based print interface allows users to request print jobs from a web browser, either within your four walls or from any location with Internet access around the globe. This enables printing of managed templates by your business from outside of your business by vendors or contract manufacturers. TEKLYNX enterprise labeling software integrates with CODESOFT to create a complete solution that supports your specific labeling requirements.




TEKLYNX transforms desktop label printing into true enterprise labeling in a server-based setting.  Through centrally concentrated barcode label software, TEKLYNX offers automated printing, tiered approval, and true internet printing, while simplifying administration with managed licenses for scanners and printers.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL:  Combines the proven technology of TEKLYNX barcode design, label printing, and tracking software into a single solution that supports your manufacturing environment.

  • Offers coordinated licensing for all of your TEKLYNX applications
  • Label approval module with up to three tiers of authorization
  • Manage up to 1,000 printers from a single server
  • Complete document history and activity logs
  • Easy to use browser-based user interface

TEKLYNX CENTRAL CFR:  Helps you meet FDA and other life sciences compliance regulations.

  • Offers an integrated label management and inventory control system designed specifically to address 21 CFR Part 11 and other requirements.

TEKLYNX CENTRAL GHS:  Helps your organization meet chemical labeling requirements.

  • Offers an integrated label management and inventory control system designed specifically to address GHS regulations.

SENTINEL:  Seamlessly runs in the background of your system as an automated low maintenance program and gives you the ability to centrally print on hundreds of printers all at the same time. Once label design data is received by SENTINEL, the application will take care of the rest of your printing process with no need for human intervention.

LABEL ARCHIVE:  Label approval and secure label storage for your entire organization. LABEL ARCHIVE’s features follow your label from initial approval to final distribution and everything in between. The robust print histor