ValuTrack can help you design, build, install and manage technology solutions that help your business operate better. Our hardware, software, sensors and communication technologies give you the power to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over your internet network.

Our IoT solutions allow you to improve the experience of both your employees and customers by helping keep everyone informed. We offer solutions that give you the ability to communicate better to larger audiences through visual and audio aids. Manage all of your visual communication devices from centralized applications to ensure no one misses an important message, no matter where they are. Powerful communication headsets and two-way radios help your workforce operate more efficiently and get more done.

Our sensors monitor everything from temperature to humidity and give real-time alerts when environment conditions exceed parameters. They are perfect for cold chain management and can help you remain confident that your inventory stays under the proper conditions.

With some of our industry leading partners such as Displaydata, Quail Digital, Visix Digital Signage, ClimaTrack and Motorola, you can aggregate data from data capture devices and use it to make intelligent business decisions.